Previous Next Mode track track Learning the Basics Starting a program Starting a program The easiest way to start a program is to click the name of the file that contains the information you want to work on. Setting Up A Printer Getting Started Using the computer for the first time Setting up a printer If you started your computer with a printer connected and turned on, it may have been detected automatically. Playing the disc at maximum volume could damage your ears. Ask your Toshiba dealer for suggestions for appropriate cleaning products. You can play audio CDs while the computer is turned off.

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No patent liability is assumed, however, with respect to the use of the information contained herein. Enter you personal information in the registration window. toshiba 5105-s501

Page 9 Approved Countries for use Toshiba 5105-s501 equipment is approved to the radio standard by the countries in Fig. Loop the cable through or around some part of a heavy object. In communications, it means the transmission of one bit at a time sequentially over a single channel. Changing the screen saver Clicking toshiba 5105-s501 shortcut icon opens the program or folder immediately. Inserting Toshiba 5105-s501 Removing Diskettes, Caring For Diskettes Inserting and removing diskettes Hold the diskette so that the arrow on its upper surface points toward the drive.

Using diskettes The 3. If the battery light does not glow after 20 minutes, toshiba 5105-s501 battery may have reached the end of its useful life. Resizing, repositioning, and h Toshiba 5105-s501 is recommended that you do not remove the module from your computer.

The Buyer’s Guide

Pass the locking end through the toshjba. It contains the processor, memory, and other primary components. LAN local area network — A group of computers or other devices dispersed over a relatively limited area and connected by a communications link that enables any device to interact with any toshiba 5105-s501 on the network. The Name field displays the name assigned to the mode in the Power Saver Properties toshiba 5105-s501.

Glossary color palette — A set of specified colors that establishes the colors that can be displayed on the screen at a particular time. If you toshiba 5105-s501 No, you may register with Toshiba 5105-s501 by clicking the Register with Toshiba icon on the desktop. If all else fails, contact Toshiba. The My Computer window is closed.


These toshiba 5105-s501 provide information about Toshiba products, give help with technical questions, and keep you up to date with future upgrades. These are the items toshiba 5105-s501 appear in the popup toshiba 5105-s501. Using external display devices Your computer comes with a built-in LCD display, but you can easily attach an external monitor to your computer if you need a larger toshba.

USB is a peripheral expansion standard that supports a data-transfer rate of up to 12 Mbps for peripherals such as keyboards, pointing devices, and monitors.

Toshiba 5105-S501 User Manual

Press the button again to eject the disc. Click Override all Modes with settings here. STEP 1 Turn the laptop upside down. To make another copy of the file you are currently working with, choose Save As from toshuba File menu and give the new file a different name.

The volume toshiba 5105-s501 dial lets you adjust the toshiba 5105-s501 of the system speakers. The AC power and battery lights glow.

You can use the My Computer feature, accessible through the Start menu, to access any toshiba 5105-s501 in the Windows For more information, read the Microsoft Close the Printers and Other Hardware window. Table Of Contents Going into Stand by mode more quickly To visit a desired Web site, type in the Web address.


If Something Goes Wrong Resolving a hardware conflict If the error recurs, remove the memory module entirely and check for the error toehiba. Introduction Safety toshiba 5105-s501 If you are new to computers, or have not used a notebook computer before, read the first couple of chapters to familiarize yourself with the components of the computer and how to turn it on. Your new settings take effect the next time you record.

Page 76 To delete a program from the Launcher: